10 Restaurant Kid-Friendly in Kuta, Legian and Tuban Bali

10 Restaurant Kid-Friendly in Kuta, Legian and Tuban Bali. photo

As family-friendly as Bali is, it can be difficult to find truly Kid Friendly Restaurants in Kuta, Legian and Tuban. You want to be able to eat a meal as a family without having a little one on your lap grabbing your food, but highchairs can be hard to come by. Today we’re running down a list of 10 Restaurant Kid-Friendly in Kuta, Legian and Tuban Bali that welcome kids and have highchairs, kid-friendly menus and sometimes even activities for little ones.

1 . Fat Bowl
Fat Bowl gets the thumbs up from Bali Kids Guide for it’s delicious food and excellent location right across from the Padma Resort in Legian. The family-friendly atmosphere and mix of Asian and Western dishes ensures there is something for everyone to eat. We do recommend booking a table early of if you have kids or toddlers, as it can get very busy later in the evening and service sometimes suffers.

2. Mozzarella by the Sea
Situated just at the end of Jalan Pantai Kuta on Jalan Padma, Mozzarella by the Sea is a firm favorite of the holiday crowds. The location is excellent and the food fabulous. The outside space overlooks is great for little ones as you don’t have to worry about being messy and can walk around if they get fussy. Staff are also excellent with kids, so if they aren’t too busy you might just get to eat your meal too.

3. Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a favorite sunset spot on Double Six Beach, sometimes called Blue Ocean Blvd. Its large semi-open dining area is great for kids to have a bit of space to move and for space for a highchair. Zanzibar is also a great family-friendly Bali restaurant for lunch, with a menu of salads, sandwiches. pizzas and basics like fried rice and noodles.

4. Sheppy’s
Everyone we ask absolutely loves Sheppy’s! This is ones of the most family-friendly Bali restaurants in Legian and has been a Bali staple for years. The friendly service, quality food and fun atmosphere keeps people coming back year after year. Unlike many restaurants Sheppy’s is happy to serve half sized kid portions of any meal, which can save your budget and your waistline (what, you don’t finish the kids’ leftovers??)!

5. Lanai
Lanai is another Double Six beachfront fave, with indoor and outdoor seating and an upstairs terrace for great sunset views. The stairs are a bit steep, so we recommend staying downstairs with little ones. Asian fusion dishes, great juices and tasty breakfasts make Lanai an excellent family friendly Bali restaurant for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.

6. Seaside
Seaside is simply a great beachfront restaurant with good food, excellent views and a lovely laid-back Bali atmosphere. There is space for kids to roam and toddlers to toddle and plenty of things and people to look at. Bench seating at the front is also great for a sleeping toddler to be comfortably laid down on cushions while you eat.

7. Poser’s Pub & Bar
Poser’s is a small but very family friendly restaurant serving pizza, cold beer and faves like fried noodles and fried rice. Kids are welcomed, but try to get there early as it can get very busy, especially in school holidays. Service is great and generally quick so it’s a great option for hangry (hungry & angry) kids and toddlers.

8. The PaD Bar & Grill on Bene Lane
What used to be Bene Lane Cafe is now The PaD on Bene Lane, but is still as kid friendly as ever. The menu is the same as their other location on Jl. Legian, including great baguette sandwiches, hot chips, and plenty of tasty dishes straight from the grill. Families are welcomed and sports fans can get their fix with international sports channels shown regularly.

9. Bubba Gump
There are tons of chain Bali restaurants around the Tuban – Discovery Mall area, but none more popular than Bubba Gump. Families will love the high standard of service and the consistency in the food that can be tricky in Bali restaurants. You can’t go wrong with fries and sandwiches at Bubba Gump for picky kids.

10. Boardwalk
Boardwalk is located on the beach very close to Waterbom and Discovery Mall. The large space, grassy areas and cabanas can be a blessing for parents with active toddlers, but of course they have to be watched around the pool. Shade in the day and great sunset views in evening are complimented by the light, authentic Mediterranean dishes.

There are so many restaurants in the Kuta, Tuban and Legian areas of Bali it can be very difficult to know what to eat. When you’re with toddlers or small kids it can be even more stressful to find a comfortable spot. Try out these family friendly restaurants and let us know if you find others!

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