Absolute service

James Halloway

We are very happy of having Santi become a part of our family over the past 6 days.
Santi looked after our son 3 year old with ease while juggling the needs of a 5 month old at the same time. She was friendly, prompt and the kids loved seeing her smiling face arrive each day.
I was instantly at ease when Santi showed up, not only did she instantly relate to both kids but she also came equipped with items to distract our oldest as we left. This has always indicated to me someone that knows their stuff! It was very apparent to me from the first hour we spent with Santi that she loves her job and as she left tonight.
We will most definitely booking Santi again when we are come to Bali next time and highly recommend her.
Thank you Santi! We will miss you ?

James Halloway March 20, 2019